Tagine, I Love You…

January 31, 2011 § 4 Comments

If you haven’t got one already, I highly recommend getting a tagine. ‘The Cook and the Chef‘ has a wonderful description of this awesome cooking method:

“Tagine is the name of a wonderful conical Moroccan cooking pot as well as the name of the recipe itself. Tagine recipes are aromatic, flavoursome slow cooked stews of meat, fruit, vegetables and spices.

The tagine pots are half glazed clay pots. The base of the Tagine is both a cooking and serving dish while the cone shaped cover acts like a closed chimney trapping the moisture in the pot during the slow cook. Chef Anour from the Moroccan Casbah restaurant describes them as “a Moroccan microwave”

Traditionally the Tagines would be cooked in Morocco over the coals or open flame but Anour explains that people can use tagines at home over their gas flames, electric elements or in the oven. Recipes should give you times but depending on the meat Anour slow cooks a Tagine serve for two from two to three hours on the gas flame.” You can watch one being made here.

I have a beautiful Emile Henry tagine (the one below) and love cooking from it on the stovetop. Tagines can be bought from any good homewares shop. Here is my own tagine recipe, Sweet Chicken Tagine, which I love to eat and has been tried and tested many times on friends and family. Rich, buttery, sweet. Enjoy!


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