She Sells…

February 2, 2011 § 12 Comments

Argh! Anthropologie what are you doing to me? Stop being so awesome. When I am richer than Mark Zuckerberg, I will be kitting out my entire home with everything Anthropologie (let’s hope they start making toilet paper then, or we could be in trouble). I could post on any item they stock, but today I am in love with these gorgeous stoneware Shell Measuring Spoons. Who wants to measure with plain old spoons like a chump when these are on offer? At $12, they’d make a great gift too.


Measure up shell-style.


§ 12 Responses to She Sells…

  • Posky says:

    Isn’t this the sort of thing a homeless person or someone stranded on a deserted island would use? While elegant and charming, it doesn’t shout out affluence to me.

    Still, you’re right, they would make a damn fine gift.

  • littlecurio says:

    Ha ha, $12 stoneware is not affluent, but with shipping costs to Australia it’s definitely to the moon and back for me! Or I could just go down to the beach to pick up my kitchenware from now on…
    (ps. it’s not about affluence for me, it’s about the charm and elegance you mentioned! 🙂

  • Jana Marie says:

    I am an Antropologie junkie – both home and clothing! Can’t afford to wear it all the time, so hunt for similar treasures at consignment and second hand stores. Funky and fun! Thanks for checking out my blog….and now I can check out and enjoy yours!


  • Oh my golly, that is precious! So pretty!

  • Sooo sweet! Wow, I feel like a real chump using my plastic measuring spoons.

  • These are freaking adorable!
    I am lucky enough to have a sister who is a buyer for Anthro. Several times a year, they do a “family and friends” sale where everything is 40% off. That’s the only way I can afford anything from them!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • littlecurio says:

    You are lovely! But yes, being ‘underneath’ (the planet that is) has it’s disadvantages… shipping is definitely one of them! But I could hire you to be my Anthropologie buyer if you like, we have great dental and a pension plan…

    (ps. My husband and I really want the Italian Canopy Bed, but they don’t ship furniture to Australia, would your sister know if they will ever ship furniture to Aus?)

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