March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sorry, I keep running off on mini-holidays without telling anyone where I am, not that anyone in cyberworld really cares! But, my mum and two best friends subscribe to my blog, so it’s best to let them know why i’m not posting anything informative and awesome for days on end. Sorry guys!

Anyhoo, for everyone else who happens by, I was just on a little holiday with Warrick. Actually we were house-sitting… but if you saw this house you would think of it as a sort of resort. It had all the most clever mod-cons- it was a lazy slob’s dream (me)! Unfortunately, we did come home to a flooded carpet (I had a Lloyd Christmas moment and accidentally unplugged the freezer before we left) and two burn marks (where I tried to dry the carpet with a hairdryer and put it a little too close).

Don't think we'll be getting our bond back.

So I was exhausted, frazzled and upset before, but then I took another little visit to Threadless and found these to cheer me up.

"Well, This Just Really Sucks..." print by Kevin Ryan

"Monster in the Closet" print by Efrem Palacios

A little pirate "Booty" t-shirt by Santiago Sanchez

Hope that put some joy in your day! xx


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