Rise and Shine…

April 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

I have been out of the blogosphere (is that what they’re still calling it these days?) for a while now as we went down to the beach for a few days to attend a wedding. My gorgeous and wacky friend who was the stunning bride decided to have the wedding start at 7.15am on the beach to coincide with the sunrise. It was all sorts of freezing and, if you know me, I do NOT like to get up early for anything. Even for you Bruce Willis.

However, my grumpy self aside, when my friend arrived looking amazing (silk, backless, champagne-coloured, beaded lace straps) I started getting into the mood of the morning.  A sunrise on the beach is a beautiful thing. That gloomy romantic grey before the sun came gallavanting over the dunes into the aisle and onto the happy, shivering couple was perfectly timed as they signed the register. The best bit? A rainbow came out right behind them over the sea as they said their vows! Lovely. She even came down the aisle to Michael Jackson’s ‘Will You Be There’, bless her.

To change course, Waz and I have been searching high and low for good alarm clocks for years. And speaking of sunrises and clocks, Philips have this nifty Wake-up Light (on sale at Amazon, $69.99) that slowly wakes you up by light gradually getting brighter over a half hour to simulate a sunrise. It also comes with your choice of bird calls, radio or Mp3 to channel in to get louder as the light brightens. For some extra dollars, you can get an iPod dock plug-in to wake-up to your choice of sounds. I think that might be more acceptable to me than that disgusting airhorn W has on his phone. Gah!


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