Coddling Canines…

April 10, 2011 § 6 Comments

My best friend is perhaps the funniest person in my world without her ever meaning to be. The amount of ridiculousness that comes out of her mouth when she is just trying to speak normally bodes well for me because I love me some free entertainment! Just two nights ago, we were out and about and we went past a church hall. BF told me animatedly that she used to have ‘Romper Stomper‘ in there. She had meant the kids playgroup was called “Romper Room”. How an innocent 4-year-old can suddenly become a vicious neo-nazi skinhead is magical. And trust me, this is regular scheduled viewing with her! Her fear of clowns, her love of ‘Werewolf Barmitzvah‘ and the rest of her insanity is why I love her.

Just as there is a reason she is my best pal, there are too many reasons why dogs are ‘mans best friend’… I just couldn’t type fast enough or have enough words in my vocab to describe how much I love dogs! Luckily for me, there are people out there designing some pretty amazing things to spoil our pups with.

For the discerning, elegant canine-owner…

Chewnel Chew Toy, $14 from

Doggie Donut Treats, $10 from

Moustache Chew Toy, $15 from

Cottage Elevated Pet Feeder, $55 from




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