Costumed Glory…

April 16, 2011 § 10 Comments

A friend recently asked me to be the entertainment at their daughters mermaid-themed sixth birthday party. Fun times ahead! I have got all the awesome games under my belt ready to go, and the last thing I have to do is get my mermaid costume together. I have bought some shimmery material for a tail, a nude coloured top and some “modesty shells” for my chest, which I have painted purple and covered in glitter. I know, I know… more like “Look directly HERE. There is glitter to make them easier to find!”. I bought the craziest long, blonde wig to add to my collection. Collection? Yes. Warrick and I have spent the better part of our lives in costume, and we don’t even celebrate Halloween (it’s just not popular in Australia)!

Some examples (don’t mind our faces, we love pulling some truly ugly ones):

*One too many eighties-themed events…

*Jungle theme… (most girls came dressed in sexy outfits with animal ears. Not me. I came in a fullbody catsuit. Not a pretty sight, but i got in loads of photos!)

*Beach… and a floral bra for W. We actually owned these sombreros long before the party. We wear them to the beach!

*Disney theme… I’m the poison apple from Snow White. Don’t ask.

*Every invite at this party had a different country they had to come as… we got given Sweden!

*My 20’s themed 21st… when we were still just buds back in the day!

*In ‘formal-wear’ for my birthday dinner with W’s family… we wanted a smarmy, fireplace “Days of Our Lives” type shot which was monumentally ruined in the best way by W’s ridiculous smile! Click on the photo to get a close-up of some truly sleazy, moustachioed face.

*And here are the best costumes we’ve worn so far! Yahoo!

We’ve been to so many more costumed events but this post has accidentally become quite photo-heavy… don’t want to burn your retinas out with our un-photogenic ways! And if you have any ideas for more mermaid-themed games, send them through! xx


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