May 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Oooooh I love rubber stamps! You could pay a mint for letter-press style stationery, or you could go ahead and invest in some really nice card, an inkpad, and a rather good stamp, like these darlings from Ink + Wit girl genius, Tara Hogan.

Bon Voyage Stamp, $18

Paris Je t'aime Stamp Set, $50

Observant Owl Natural Rubber Stamp, $22

C’mon, get stamp happy! And I mean it in every sense of the word 😉


Toothache Sweet…

May 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear Emma,

Hi, I’m the gorgeous new Marlène Suitcase by Lalé.

My petit size means you can purchase me for your non-existent children or very existent laptop from Lark.

Bonne chance and au revoir (to your euros)!

Two Birds, One Stone…

May 20, 2011 § 6 Comments

I love when an object of function can become an object of beauty in it’s own standing. Traditionally, shadow boxes were the ‘thing’ back in the Victorian era, for the display of curios through a glass front. These Baroque Bookshelves from Graham and Green, (from £45), serve not only as a shelf for books, cd’s, dvd’s or curio, but become their own little artistic piece courtesy of it’s spunky picture frame. I really like the idea of non-permanent wall shelves, to be hung anywhere you like!

*image courtesy of linked site

Ye Olde Water-Dispersing Methode…

May 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m as confused as you with that heading. Sorry.

I am loving the cold and rainy weather we are having here in Melbourne! Pity our rental has no insulation whatsoever… it’s just lucky I have my own insulation in body fat to keep away the winter blues 😉

To coincide with the storms, drizzle, fog, mist, hail, cats and/or dogs, here are some of my favourite umbrellas from around the traps!

The fabulous ‘BANG!’ Umbrella, $29.95 from Raw Space

The cute and kitschy ‘Galleria Goldfish’ Umbrella, $25 from SunnyRainUmbrellas

The sweet Cameo Stripe Eliza Umbrella, £35 and the Birdcage Umbrella, £32 from Lulu Guinness

I’ll have any Chantal Thomass umbrella, (which are divine), including the one below. Price? *Expensive* from here or here.

And finally, a little relief for mums… no more juggling your umbrella! Hands-Free Stroller Umbrella, $49.99 from ThinkGeek

…all images courtesy of linked sites…

The World In Action…

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I hear about injustices in the world I get mad. I get real mad! But a couple of years ago, I signed up to Avaaz to start getting even!

What is Avaaz? In their words…

“Avaaz—meaning “voice” in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages—launched in 2007 with a simple democratic mission: organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.
Avaaz empowers millions of people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues, from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change. Our model of internet organising allows thousands of individual efforts, however small, to be rapidly combined into a powerful collective force.
The Avaaz community campaigns in 14 languages, served by a core team on 4 continents and thousands of volunteers. We take action — signing petitions, funding media campaigns and direct actions, emailing, calling and lobbying governments, and organizing “offline” protests and events — to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people inform the decisions that affect us all.” 

I encourage you to sign up to Avaaz. With Avaaz, I am kept up to date with all the current and immediate major world issues that need world action. There are nearly 9 million members worldwide and counting! They make it completely easy to support the issues and causes you most want to support, by simple one-click petition signing and donating. Sign up to get regular updates on pressing world issues and information on how you can help.

I can tell you, Avaaz is not annoying in that scammy-constant-emails way… the issues you read about are so important that you are glad someone out there is taking the time to find out about them and tell you about it! Check out their website and have a really good look through 🙂

Don’t Mind Me, Just Chillin’ In Your Tea…

May 10, 2011 § 4 Comments

I heart designers. I love their spongy, creative brains because they produce wacky things like this…

…and you can get your 5-pack from Rolo for $12.95.

(Ed: Husband just told me he didn’t know what on earth these were… in case you’re wondering, they are teabags!)

Happy Mama’s Day!

May 8, 2011 § 6 Comments

Happy times to all the beautiful mothers out there! To my own mama, Rosa, you are the absolute best woman I know and I’m so glad I have you. It takes one strong lady to bring up four crazy boys and one demanding little girl, and you did it all without going completely insane… kudos.

I love you mum, and I hope you have an awesome day and love all the food and pressies I’m going to give to you today! Your support is what keeps me going, and your sense of humour brings me joy! God bless you today, you old peach!

Mum winning a beauty pageant- go you sixties siren!

Being a complete spunk in some Asian country.

Looking better than me on my wedding day... bah!!!

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