Gee, I Like Your… Hair?

July 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Got to love a little humour in the garden. Here is a fabulous pair of dapper-looking vases, also available as garden pots, from Floral Art LA.


At $150 each, methinks most will pass this one up. However, I saw a brilliant DIY project on TV once that could be adapted to this sort of design. All you need is a garden gnome or similar statue (that would be hollow in the middle, with a hole underneath for drainage). You then slice the top off whatever statue you are using (they sliced half the cap off the garden gnome), so that you can sit your plant inside. Then just spray-paint with any colour you like in gloss, weather-proof it with a bit of waterproof lacquer, and there you have it! The TV show were making a lamp (running a cord through the gnome and sitting the shade on top) but I shouldn’t think it would be too hard to adapt it to a garden pot. I’m going to try it… I am loving succulents at the moment, as I’m hopeless at looking after plants!


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