July 20, 2011 § 5 Comments

For so long I have wanted to start a bowling team. I have been bowling for my birthday, like an absolute dork, for the past few years. I just can’t get enough! There’s something about blasting a solid hulk of ball to smash down some pins that really satisfies me… thank the Good Lord that no one has given me a chainsaw or a gun for my birthday right? Of course, no one I know wants to start a team. One guy was interested, but I’m not so sure about his aim and his upper arm strength – he’ll have to prove himself to me first. Here is a picture of the scores from my last game of bowling with my pals…

Can you guess which name is mine? There’s only so many letters that will fit… but I think I accomplished conveying what I truly think of myself in the limited space.

While I’m on the ball with this bowling subject (pun vomit), Waz and I took our niece to the aquarium for her birthday, and I had the most stupid, small handbag to carry jackets, beanies, water bottles, cameras, snacks… you can tell I don’t have kids! I wished that day that I had invested in a huge bowling bag for such an occasion. From John Lewis, here are some that me likey.

Oasis Colour Block Thatcher Bowling Bag $55 (AU)

Ri2K Bassett Bowler Handbag $165 (AU)

Ted Baker Dakota Leather Bowler Bag $198 (AU)




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