There’s No Business Like Show Actual Business

October 31, 2011 § 4 Comments

Oh yeah, that’s right… I have a blog! Quite forgot for a few months there. But in all fairness, I have been busy. So busy in fact, that somehow, in the midst of supernovas exploding, the earth turning, plants regenerating and the family dog breaking a leg, I have started a business!

My own!

I can’t reveal the nature of the business as yet (still finishing paperwork, but don’t worry, I haven’t become a ‘madam’) but I can share that its name is borrowed from this blog. Little Curio. And now I thank the source of inspiration from whence this madness came… my Nonna! I wish she was here to see it all.

Oh, and I have been storing up some mighty stories and photos from the last couple months (non-business related) to share with you, so stay tuned!

I’m also going on a last minute 3 week trip to Europe with my best bud at the end of this month. I’m taking requests of what you want to see in the photos. Want a photo with your name in it somehow? Want to see me dressed as Marie Antoinette at Versailles kicking tourists (sorry, this option no longer available)? You get the picture.

I’m back baby!


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