Pigs And Tomatoes In Thongs…

November 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Hmmm, dubious title for a post you say? Well, I can now tell you that the world has officially gone insane.

Warrick and I were strolling through our local Op Shop, and didn’t intend for our eyes to be scorched and brains seared by the memory that is this PIG IN A MISSHAPEN THONG.

That picture not enough for you? Well, what better way to say “The sculptor of this statue is deranged, don’t you know!?” than by sticking a mouse down the front of a pigs loincloth.

Put that mouse back in it's house!

Add to that a loose tie, crossed eyes and a miniscule brown bonnet and this becomes one pig I really did wish was in a blanket. I wanted to know who on earth would make something like that. Waz wanted to know who on earth would re-sell something like that!

And then, the next day while shopping at our local supermarket, we came across another intriguing abomination… this fabulous “Tomato Saver”.

Oh the laughs we laughed! Keep your tomatoes safe and sexy. Skimpy lingerie on swine and veg, who would’ve thunk it?

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