When I was a little girl, I used to absolutely love going to visit my Nonna. I used to love it because, to me, her house was magical. She used to have this carpeting throughout her house that nowadays people would call kitschy and completely old Italian, but I loved it. It was plush red carpet with gold patterns all through it and I felt like I was walking into a theatre.

Nonna Sofia

Nonna Sofia standing in her magical house.

Like most grandmothers, Nonna’s house was stuffed with knick-knacks and curio, things I became obsessed with. One of my most vivid memories of her curio was a glass cabinet filled to the brim on every shelf with figurines. They were tiny little men, women, children, horses and carts all in Italian folk costumes and about the size of your little pinky finger. Although I’m sure Nonna didn’t like me playing with them (they were miniature and fragile), I’d still turn the key in that lock, open the door and stick my little girl hands all over those figurines, taking them on their own adventures all over the land (lounge).

I love things that invoke my curiousity. I certainly don’t believe in buying curio that doesn’t have meaning, can’t be passed down generations or isn’t beautiful or useful. I mean, you don’t want to fill your house with stuff because you’ll only feel claustrophobic, not inspired. I’ve always wanted a home that feels magical when I step into it. I want to look around and spot things that give me feelings or memories. You won’t find a walnut with googly eyes glued to it at my place unless my niece made it.

Items posted on this blog will always be things that have sparked my curiousity or creativity. And sometimes I’ll post about other things too! Enjoy, and I love hearing other people’s opinions so always feel free to comment.

Emma xx


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