Pigs And Tomatoes In Thongs…

November 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Hmmm, dubious title for a post you say? Well, I can now tell you that the world has officially gone insane.

Warrick and I were strolling through our local Op Shop, and didn’t intend for our eyes to be scorched and brains seared by the memory that is this PIG IN A MISSHAPEN THONG.

That picture not enough for you? Well, what better way to say “The sculptor of this statue is deranged, don’t you know!?” than by sticking a mouse down the front of a pigs loincloth.

Put that mouse back in it's house!

Add to that a loose tie, crossed eyes and a miniscule brown bonnet and this becomes one pig I really did wish was in a blanket. I wanted to know who on earth would make something like that. Waz wanted to know who on earth would re-sell something like that!

And then, the next day while shopping at our local supermarket, we came across another intriguing abomination… this fabulous “Tomato Saver”.

Oh the laughs we laughed! Keep your tomatoes safe and sexy. Skimpy lingerie on swine and veg, who would’ve thunk it?

This Used To Be A Funhouse…

July 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

…and it still is! Waz and I used to live with some kids that were under government care (long story, but that’s for another time!) and it was a very difficult time for us. To make it easier, and to put a little fun and distraction into our days, we’d do silly little things around the house to cheer us up. While we were there, I drew a moustache on our ensuite mirror with my eyeliner… a really small imperial moustache! It used to perk us up, to get ready in the mornings and look somewhat like a sleazy magician! I was perusing some of Fred’s awesome products yet again and, of course, he has a brilliant version of some mirror fun with these decals.

Around $6 from here, or anywhere else you can google! Waz and I still write on our mirror, but sappy stuff I can’t write here! And with this post, I bid you farewell for the week as we are going on a little holiday down to my brothers country holiday home… 5 acres of loveliness and cows next door to boot! I’ll return with some photos and some great stories from last years holiday down there with our crazy friends!

Sayonara! xx

Gee, I Like Your… Hair?

July 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Got to love a little humour in the garden. Here is a fabulous pair of dapper-looking vases, also available as garden pots, from Floral Art LA.


At $150 each, methinks most will pass this one up. However, I saw a brilliant DIY project on TV once that could be adapted to this sort of design. All you need is a garden gnome or similar statue (that would be hollow in the middle, with a hole underneath for drainage). You then slice the top off whatever statue you are using (they sliced half the cap off the garden gnome), so that you can sit your plant inside. Then just spray-paint with any colour you like in gloss, weather-proof it with a bit of waterproof lacquer, and there you have it! The TV show were making a lamp (running a cord through the gnome and sitting the shade on top) but I shouldn’t think it would be too hard to adapt it to a garden pot. I’m going to try it… I am loving succulents at the moment, as I’m hopeless at looking after plants!

Two Birds, One Stone…

May 20, 2011 § 6 Comments

I love when an object of function can become an object of beauty in it’s own standing. Traditionally, shadow boxes were the ‘thing’ back in the Victorian era, for the display of curios through a glass front. These Baroque Bookshelves from Graham and Green, (from £45), serve not only as a shelf for books, cd’s, dvd’s or curio, but become their own little artistic piece courtesy of it’s spunky picture frame. I really like the idea of non-permanent wall shelves, to be hung anywhere you like!

*image courtesy of linked site

Not Just For Cheerleaders…

April 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

That’s right, step off Torrance Shipman! You will probably have seen these mega-lovely tissue paper pom-poms on every craft channel in the world, and they deserve the publicity because they are as lovely as they seem. They turn out like dahlias. My friend Bek has a scrumptious little daughter named Adiel Faith, who is having her very first birthday soon and will be having these pom-poms hanging around her as she shoves her little hands into her first cake! Do these right and they come out a treat. All images are from Martha Stewart and her instructions are here. Have a go!


April 19, 2011 § 5 Comments

A while back I posted on making your very own book clock. In the same vein, I’ve just come across a brilliant and simple clock design by Karlsson Clocks. The Karlsson Table Clock Book incorporates a lovely clock across the spines of three ‘books’. About $25 from here. Would look great shoved in amongst a bulging bookshelf!

Nice Stems…

April 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

Here are some lovely vases for your perusal! I am a major fan of fresh-cut flowers, but they do seem to be a bit of an expense if you want them regularly! My solution is usually Carnations because they are sturdy, colourful, beautiful flowers that can last for weeks and they are cheap, but my favourite flowers would have to be Peonies, Dahlias and Lotus flowers (anything with a million petals really) and Hydrangeas are gorgeous too! My favourite scents are from Frangipani’s and Jasmine flowers… so heavenly! What flowers do you love?

Simmetria Urn in Garnet by Have You Met Miss Jones $60

Sea Urchin Vases by Roost at Velocity $10

Lean On Me set by Anna Vezina $39

Vase de Printemps (Vase of Springtime) by Tsé & Tsé $245

White Koi Fish Vase at Burke Decor $114

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